Christina, the girl with a greatly expanded awareness

I read the very inspiring books about Christina, written by her mother (Bernadette von Dreien), lately in English (that's why I am writing this in English). Below are some interesting passages about our mother Earth and the changes we are currently going through.

This her website in German:

These are the titles of both books: Christina, Book 1: Twins Born as Light and Christina, Book 2: The Vision of the Good

Much of what a large proportion of mankind sees as pain and suffering is simply a learning process, which we can also meet with goodwill and love – no matter how difficult it appears to be – and thus transform.

Our human brain is basically programmed to reject the unknown and we find it difficult to accept something new, especially if it’s something that we are unable to perceive with our conventional five senses or to explain with our conventional world view.

Our school system, a large part of which dates back to the 19th century, educates us to become functioning puppets rather than self-responsible and self-determined individuals. This means that the majority of humanity today is not really aware of the fact that we’re not just a biological body but, on the contrary, a soul, a spiritual being of light, inhabiting a physical and a psychic body.

There is now a wealth of case studies supporting this thesis: people who, from a medical point of view, were unconscious or even brain-dead, and who were then resuscitated and could remember all the details, as well as all the conversations had by the doctors and nurses. This is only possible if consciousness actually exists independently of neuronal thinking and independently of the brain.

All cosmic dimensions are parallel, at all times and everywhere, because they are not spatially separated from each other but permeate each other. How many of these dimensions an individual living being can perceive, however, depends on their energy level, on their personal vibration frequency, which, in turn, depends on their experiences and their consciousness orientation.

The Earth has a chakra system with energy channels, just like human beings. Some scientists call these energy paths ‘ley lines’ or ‘sacred lines’. They’re similar to the ‘meridians’ in human beings. Where two such lines cross, special power places emerge, such as the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris or ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, the pyramids in Giza, the black monolith in Mecca, the solar pyramid in Teotihuacán, the city of Machu Picchu, the city of Fátima or also Dvaraka, Krishna’s city.

In my opinion, there is only one love. Love is love, and it is boundless, unconditional, without end and without distinction. Love is that which is infinitely available in the universe, a primal substance that is the basis of everything that is. If we really want to stand on the side of the light, then our task is to set forgiving love in place of hate, deep wisdom in place of stupidity, real devotion and humility in place of haughtiness, and inner peace in place of external compulsion. The more we succeed in this, the less room there will be in society for fear and manipulation, for exploitation and abuse, for aggression and unscrupulousness, for persecution and oppression.

Planet Earth, in the present phase of her history, is constantly increasing her personal energy frequency and that, through this, the earthly sphere will develop from being three-dimensional to being five-dimensional.
Some of the prehistoric advanced civilisations on Earth that had a five-dimensional basis – such as the culture of ancient Egypt or that of the indigenous peoples of Central America – also had a different form of “divine mathematics”. Instead of numbers, they used hieroglyphics, geoglyphics, etc.


Planet Earth has decided to increase her own vibration frequency. This is a great opportunity for all of humanity, and it’s therefore not surprising that many souls from higher spheres have incarnated here, at this particular time, to participate in this amazing process of global consciousness expansion. We cannot consciously perceive anything that vibrates at a higher frequency than ours. If we increase our personal frequency, the proportion of what we perceive not merely unconsciously but consciously increases. Through a higher personal frequency, we heighten our day consciousness – and our ability to remember all those things we’ve forgotten will grow.

One important aspect is gratitude and a positive attitude towards yourself as well as in general. Another very central aspect is acceptance, self-acceptance is the key to increasing our frequency. Self-acceptance means saying to yourself lovingly: 'The way I am is good in every aspect.' This self-acceptance causes a noticeable rise in our frequency immediately.

Unconditional love is the ultimate form of frequency increase, and for Christina, the unfolding of unconditional love is the silent revolution of our time. From this point of view, even the destructive, ungodly dark powers are, unintentionally, of enormous service to those on the side of the divine. Although this is not their intention, through their lightless machinations they give terrestrial human beings the rare opportunity to manifest a high form of love. The fact is that it’s comparatively easy to love the good, the divine and the light-filled. 

Many other higher-dimensional light beings are already here and will continue to come here to bring light into this dark phase of human history.

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