woensdag 10 maart 2010

Tell China: Free Tibetan Filmmaker

Dhondup Wangchen bravely gave a voice to Tibetans under China's rule with his documentary film Leaving Fear Behind. Sadly, after finishing the film, he was arrested and his own voice was silenced.

Help free Dhondup Wangchen. »

As a prisoner of the Chinese government, Wangchen:
  • endured torture to extract a confession.
  • contracted hepatitis B and is denied adequate treatment.
  • had the lawyer he chose replaced with a government-appointed one--violating his right to choose his own counsel and denying him access to independent legal assistance.
His arrest and sentence of 6 years prove that the Chinese government will not allow Tibetans any expression that opposes Chinese rule. Tell the Chinese government to free Dhondup Wangchen and to uphold the right to freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial in future cases. »

Thanks for taking action!

Care2 Campaign Team


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