Boek: Sky People - Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

 Ik heb zojuist het boek Sky People, geschreven door Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, uitgelezen. Wat een prachtige verhalen staan er in! Ze heeft zeven jaar door Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras en Belize gereisd en vele verhalen opgeschreven die men haar vertelde over de Sky People en UFO's. Hieronder kun je een interessant stukje lezen uit haar boek, het echt een aarader. Ik heb de tekst in het Engels gelaten, want het boek is ook in het Engels.

“The old, old stories tell us that the Maya were guided to this land by the Sky People,” the elder said, “but these are not the stories we tell the invaders.” He identified himself as Ramiro, but as the evening wore on, he admitted he had selected the name to protect his real identity. “There are those who believe we should not share our knowledge with outsiders, but you are Indios, and so I tell you, so you may pass this knowledge along to others. I believe the more that people know about our origins and the origins of all people of the Earth, the better prepared we will be when the Sky People return. Still, I will call myself Ramiro.” 

“Why do you believe the Sky People chose to place the Maya in Guatemala?” I asked.
“This land, which the world calls Guatemala, was not chosen for us by the Sky People. We came to the land the invaders call Mexico, but when we fled the invaders, we came here to Guatemala and hid in the mountain jungles. The ancient Maya referred to themselves as the children of the Mayab or inhabitants of the Land of the Chosen. This land had everything we needed to survive. The right climate for feeding ourselves. Animals for food and protection. An altitude and terrain similar to our home place. It was perfect for us.”

“So are you telling me that the jungle climate of Guatemala was the same as your home planet?” I asked. He nodded when Mateo translated and took another bite of his roll.

“An elder in Honduras told me that the Maya possessed a star map that allowed them to travel the Universe. What, if anything, can you tell me about that?” I asked. I waited as Mateo translated.
“It is true. Our people possessed a star map. We knew our way around the Universe,” he said. “The star map was our guide. That is how we got here.”

“What happened to the star map?” I asked.
“Lost, burned, destroyed by the invaders or Catholic priests. The invaders [Spaniards] and their priests feared our knowledge about the Universe and our origins. They thought it was evil and rejected it as the work of the Devil. They were such uncivilized men who did not appreciate nor understand an advanced culture like the Maya.” He paused for a moment and spoke to Mateo in his traditional Mayan dialect before he continued. “Man always destroys what he does not understand. It is the same the world over.”

“So is everything lost today or is some of the past knowledge still known?” I asked.
“Our chants to the heavens allow us to speak to the Star people even today. There are living Maya who can talk to the Sky People, but it is an ancient practice, alive and well in Guatemala and Mexico.”
“Obviously, it is widely known among archaeologists, historians, and other Mayanists that the Maya were great astronomers. Has any of your knowledge about the Universe been proven by modern-day astronomers?”
“Our legends speak to the birth of the heavens. Much of our ancient knowledge has been confirmed by astronomers today,” he said.

“Do your young people know these stories?” I asked.
“Only a few of the young know. We choose those who learn the old ways wisely. Most of our young people do not hold to the old stories. The grandmothers have kept the stories for those who really want to know. The Lacandon in Mexico are the real protectors of our knowledge. Their young people listen to the elders, but then they are more isolated than our children.”

“Do you believe that the Sky People still come to you when you pray or chant?” I asked.
“The Sky People come to those who believe,” he said. “I know the role that the Sky People played in our lives. So they come to me and take me far into space and they tell me things.”

“What kind of things do they tell you?” I asked.
“They tell me to practice our chants and pass on our knowledge to those who will listen. They tell us many sad things are about to happen to this earth. They tell us to be ready with our chants and the Sky People will remember us and come for us. We just need to say our chants and they will hear.”

“Can you tell me specifically any one thing that they tell you?” I asked.
“They say that one day a great volcano will open under the sea and all the land connecting North and South America will drop into the ocean. As the land sinks, all of the people of these countries will not know where to go. There will be only the water, but the Maya will be taken by the Sky People to the heavens.”

“Do you believe that these things will happen?” I asked.
“It will happen very soon, but the people do not listen. Two-thousand twelve will not be the end of the world, only the beginning of a difficult time. The next decade will witness great suffering of the people of the Earth. There will be signs in the heavens if people will take the time to look skyward, but most are too busy to look. They will miss the signs.”

“When you are taken to the stars and the land sinks, will you be returned to Earth, once the destruction is over?” I asked.
“Some of us will return, but others will go to another star to begin a new world. This is what the Sky People tell us,” he said.

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